Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Use Google Templates

I stumbled across a gold-mine two-weeks ago and but I was scooped by the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog before I could bring it you.  

In case you missed that post . . .

friends, I bring you - Google Templates Gallery.  

This gallery includes pre-made Forms, Slides, Docs for all content areas.  Whether you need a pre-made Spreadsheet to so students can calculate their personal budgets, a Doc to create their own personal exercise plan, or a "God"book page - templates has a solution for you.

I created my own and added them to our Fenton gallery (including a Forms Anticipation Guide, Learning Profiles, and Gallery Walk).    If you are not a FHS-domain user, please send me an email and I can share these tools with you.

Install the extension from THIS PAGE and create Google-fied classroom materials in a snap.